redesign your scotch tape

I love the scotch tape plaid (see tribute here) but I thought it would be fun to give my tape dispenser a different look. So I pulled out the tape and used the paper inside for a template to make a bunch of different colors. They kind of look like a bunch of cool ds or 6s. These brightly colored pictures are semi-addicting. How have you customized your office supplies?

One thought on “redesign your scotch tape”

  1. hemp says:

    It was an exciting box to open because they make some very interesting products including one thing that immediately got my gears turning thats called Tinted Tape. It is scotch tape that is printed with different designs including a style that mimics the yellowed look of ………………… …I love birds both as animals and as decoration. They make for such a timeless look! If you want to add some birds to your decor for spring but your tchotchke budget is nil check out this nifty and free! idea from Carolyn of Carolyns Homework. Designed in her signature simple-and-elegant style she used decoupage over a paper-and-tape form to make them. With paper available …………………

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