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Refer-A-Friend, Save Ca$h When you Buy Stuff at Shoplet!


What if every time you let your parents, pals & peers know about how much you lah-lah-looove Shoplet, we rewarded you for it?? Wouldn’t that be cool? It would be cool. And that’s why our brand, spankin’ new Refer-A-Friend program is cool.

Here’s how it works:

1) Invite 25 of your friends to Shoplet & instantly earn $5.00 off of your next order. You can refer friends through whichever medium you feel most comfortable with:

selection module

2) For each friend who purchases with Shoplet, we’ll credit your account with an additional $5.00 AND give your friend 10% off their next order!

3) Share the Shoplet love. Watch your stock of pennies rise as you let that urge to tell everyone about Shoplet shine!

Like all good friends, the folks at Shoplet are here to make your life easier!


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