Replace Your Janitor with Gadgets (Nicely)

Tomy Dustbot: The Robot from the 80s

Every office I’ve ever worked in has always had their own cleaning service or janitor. I assume it is much easier than giving every person in an office a specific job- just like assigning everyone different kitchen duty days, no one ever remembers or wants to do it. So what are your options? Load up on janitorial supplies and do it yourself? Or pay someone and end up always feeling like they forget to vacuum under your desk or why is that spot on the tile still there. May I suggest a new alternative. Whether you go with these gadgets or invent your own, take office cleaning into your own hands (kind of.)

The Desk

Employees can clean their own area. Let everyone choose their favorite version of the desk vacuum. There are millions out there.  Here’s a few of my favorites:

Vacuum Cleaner Mouse
Mushroom Desk Cleaner

Computer Vac


The Floor

Tondon, The Floor Moppin Bot
Subaru and Sumitomo teamed up to create a robot that wanders around mopping and cleaning floors. It also doubles as a security guard with built in cameras capturing everything around it (Preventing any collisions.) Get rid of your security guard and janitor in one round with this thing.

Flip Flop Mop
95% of offices have a no flip-flop policy. But this time you’ll let it slide. Put the beach bums to work.

Figla Cleaning Robot


Let it run on it’s own or control it using a remote control or a pc via wi-fi. Can be used both indoors and outdoors, performing various tasks including waxing hardwood floors. Watch the video and read more here.

iRobot Roomba 510 Robot Vacuum
We’ve all seen these but do we believe in these? When I worked at Bed Bath and Beyond I always thought they were a rip off. Now I’m not so sure. My friend described how much he loves it for his apartment. You turn it on and watch it wander around your floor. At really exciting moments it spot cleans and scrambles around one spot. With the price getting lower lower, I want one more and more.

The Kitchen

The Ready Bot


This little space alien can apparently do just less than half of all your kitchen tasks. I watched the video, which you can watch here, and it moves much slower than my grandma. But I guess if it can do the cleaning while you’re not there, who cares! Get this little guy and get rid of kitchen duty in the breakroom.

The Windows and Shiny Surfaces
Power Mister
So this one may seem lazy but my hand always hurts after hitting the trigger 20 times. This one won’t make your hand hurt. Okay maybe this is just lazy.

Trash Disposal


You don’t need anyone to take out the trash anymore. Just use the trash shoot.

Yeah this one is a stretch. But imagine if we did this at our office? The 23rd floor? All of those Wall Street guys would hate us.


Just in case you are reading this post and thinking yes, I can get rid of my janitor and all those janitorial supplies thrown in the closet, you may want to get the StealthSwitch.

When someone starts to walk into your cubicle or “workspace” it alerts you by minimizing all your applications. While they say it’s for security reasons, we say use it to hide what you are actually doing at work.

In case your janitor/ cleaning crew caught you in the act of reading this blog and now they want all new stuff, get it here.