RIP Leo Cullum

On the news this morning, they announced that cartoonist Leo Cullum had passed away over the weekend. I kind of recognized the name but couldn’t remember any of his cartoons. Then the one above came up on the screen and the news anchor said “I thought I’d never laugh again, but then I saw your jacket” and talked about how perfect that comic was after the events of 9/11. I instantly fell in love with this guys humor. You can read more about him in this New York Times article.

Reading his life history gives all of us some hope for our neglected hobbies. He joined the Marines after college and flew planes for TWA after his military service. During his layovers, he began drawing cartoons and submitting them to different news sources. He shot high for the New Yorker and eventually got it! So here’s living proof that we can work full time and achieve those side dreams too.

Thanks to a guy who captured awkward moments and life situations so perfectly!