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Scary Staplers by Jac


Now these are some serious office supplies. Made by Jac Zagoory Design Company, who has been “churning out Desk and Writing Instruments since 1995″ (direct quote from his site. I like that. We started in 1994.) The office supplies he creates are unbelievable. I mean $350 for a stapler is expensive but to have a bear staple remover or shark stapler – I would easily pay that much. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Scary Lion Pencil Sharpener


Really scary stapler removers – including my favorite! The T-Rex Staple Remover.

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Scary Staplers. I like the idea of clamping down on my stack of papers with a big shark’s mouth.

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Shop Jac’s store for cool pen holders and lots of other stuff >> Click here.

Also, shop for lots of cool animal staplers on

2 thoughts on “Scary Staplers by Jac”

  1. Julie says:

    I’d like to get them all! They are so cool!

  2. Pink Office Chairs says:

    The shark stapler is fantastic. would love to get one

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