School Supplies That Are Built To Last

With the start of each new school year comes the excitement of shopping for new supplies and the virtually boundless ads and offers featuring discounted merchandise.

But buyers should beware – that bargain you think you’re getting may not add up in the long run. If products are not made to withstand the rigors of daily use, you could find yourself replacing them multiple times during the school year.

The smarter choice may be to invest a little more in products that are built to last. For example, extra tough Cardinal Poly Pockets may cost slightly more than paper, but could actually be serviceable for years. Some products, like the following Cardinal binders are even guaranteed to last.

EasyOpen Workplace binders have attractive fabric covered, molded foam covers that are so tough, they come with a lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking. They’re also equipped with finger friendly locking EasyOpen rings that can be opened or closed with just the touch of a finger. The Slant-D shape of the rings actually holds more papers than round ring binders, plus two full-width document pockets (on the inside front and back covers) provide a quick place to stash loose papers.

XtraLife ClearVue binders beat all others in three subject areas! First, their polyolefin cover is so much stronger, all seams and hinges are guaranteed against splitting for an entire year. Second, because the binder’s cover material will not stick to prints, photos or photocopies, it will stay clear forever.

And finally, XtraLife binders not only contain a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled materials (by weight), the cover material is more environmentally friendly (both to produce and dispose-of) than standard vinyl binders.