scotch tape plaid

I thought a lot about scotch tape today and I’m going to tell you about it. It all started when I read a tweet by aaronkaczander that said “Scotch tape only wears plaid. (Trendy office supplies gossip)” And that’s when I realized why I’ve always loved the packaging for scotch tape. I generally love plaids all year around and especially at christmas time. I read Scotch Tape’s Innovation Timeline and their Wikpedia page. Then I started thinking about Scotland and plaid kilts and wondering if that’s why they went with the plaid packaging. The origin of the name is kind of hard to understand – “Use of the term “Scotch” in the name has a pejorative origin. A customer complained that 3M was manufacturing its masking tape too cheaply, and told company engineer Richard Drew to, “take this tape back to your stingy Scotch bosses and tell them to put more adhesive on it.” Hmm.

It also clicked in my head all the different colors of plaid Scotch uses and what each plaid represents. I have always recognized the yellow plaid for double sided tape. And I guess the red is the normal, transparent scotch tape. The blue is removable scotch tape! And the green is magic scotch tape because you can write on it.

It’s funny to see these old ads and think of a time when scotch tape didn’t exist. Or when it was an exciting new item to everyone instead of just something you use and see everyday.

Other point of interest – an SNL episode about a boutique that only sells scotch tape

  • Grace
  • b Seymour

    I cannot find scotch tape in the red plaid dispenser anywhere in my shopping area! For over a year! I live in the State of Washington in the southeastern side- Yakima / Tre-city area.
    Anyone have any ideas where I can get some? Off brands “stink”
    Thanks for any help you might have.

    Thanks B