Sharpie Eyebrows and Sharpie Beards

I’ve never tried drawing on my eyebrows with a Sharpie but I have heard the phrase Sharpie eyebrows a few times. I never knew if it was referring to someone who actually had drawn on their eyebrows with a Sharpie or if they had eyebrows that looked like they’ve been drawn on with a Sharpie. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s when you’ve actually done it.

I think it’s interesting that sharpie eyebrows are done on purpose and sharpie beards are usually drawn on for fun as some type of college joke, or a disguise. Is that your impression too? Have you ever drawn on eyebrows or a beard with a Sharpie?

P.S. Me and Tony at the Tiger Pens Blog must have been on the same page yesterday when I was writing this post!

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