Shipping Tape Pictures


I saw this great project on The River Gallery and had to pass it along.Take an image (those from books, postcards or pictures printed onto copy paper work best) and transfer the image to shipping tape.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Images
  • Shipping Tape
  • Warm Water

(the smallest list for a project I have ever seen.)

How to

  1. Take a desired length of shipping tape and place over image you wish to transfer
  2. Burnish the tape to the image using a Popsicle stick, spoon or other flat tool – make sure there are no air bubbles in the tape or your image won’t transfer in those areas
  3. Cut any part of the image not covered with tape away leaving just the taped image
  4. Place tape into a bowl of WARM water for about 15 minutes.
  5. Remove from water then carefully rub off ALL of paper on the backside – this may take a couple of rubbings.  You don’t want any residue left behind.  The backside should be as shiny smooth as the front side.
  6. Let transferred image dry completely

Here’s my attempt:

It was really really easy. I used a magazine ad and the paper didn’t seem to rub off all the way. Maybe a postcard would be best. I think the coolest part is that you can rub off some of the ink and have some holes in the pictures. Bet you could make a cool design and hang it somewhere where the light can shine through.

Has anyone else tried this? Ideas of what do with it? I agree with Sarah from The River Gallery– it’s a great project! Now what should we do with it? Share your ideas below!