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  1. Carey Joyner says:

    I am a single mother and of course it is hard for me to get things for myself.
    I would be very helpful to be able to get products I need!!
    I would be grateful if I won, but if not good luck to the person that does win!

  2. Al Sharie says:

    I am currently helping with a fund raiser for a young teacher with cancer, who needs chemo treatments and does not have enough money for medical deductable in order to start her treatments, winning this would be great to use for raffles for the fund raiser.

  3. Barbara G says:

    We are a small organization with a limited budget. a gift card would give us money to get something from our wish list.

  4. Angie Bunch says:

    I clean offices to make extra money to enjoy things on the weekends with my grandchildern and I so much need cleaning supplies. $200 would help our family out extremely! Thank You!

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