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Shoplet Loves Upcycling #4

At Shoplet, we encourage everyone to be less wasteful and more mindful. The Shop Green section of our website is just one of the ways in which we heighten our customers’ eco-awareness. We hope that our upcycling series will inspire everyone to repurpose “garbage” into new and unique treasures.

pants Shoplet Loves Upcycling #4

Don’t toss away pants with holes in ‘em so quickly! Every rip in your favorite pair of jeans is just another opportunity to make a new friend…that is, a monster friend, thanks to Art Bar Blog’s tutorial on how to make monster patches.

before and after1 Shoplet Loves Upcycling #4

Vinyl is TOTALLY back and kickin. If you’re lucky enough to snag a record cabinet at a Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any other second hand thrift shop, do it! And then learn how to make it pretty via Make it Nice in the Midwest’s blog post “Record Cabinet Makeoverplush chair18 jesussauvage5 Shoplet Loves Upcycling #4

JESUSSAUVAGE’s blog teaches you how to upcycle your plushes into a comfy chair for the kiddos! Unfortunately, her blog is written in French and I don’t speak an inch of it…but her picture tutorial is so specific that it’s hard not to learn how to make your own.

valise coquette2 300x199 Shoplet Loves Upcycling #4 valise coquette 300x220 Shoplet Loves Upcycling #4

JoAnnie LaRue repurposes suitcases into lights!

01f3db4276fec751eb2749cf26ce3129 Shoplet Loves Upcycling #4

Taxidermy bicycle seat– so clever!

F7CIDM5FYTD4Y4M Shoplet Loves Upcycling #4


Transform an aluminum bottle into a tumbler cup & cook pot for an alcohol stove!

IMG 2410 1 Shoplet Loves Upcycling #4

Crumby old boxes as gift boxes! Cool :)


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