Shoplet Video BLITZ: Find the Tags and WIN a Green Gift Bag!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated! We won’t spoil the fun in case some of you guys are still interested in playing, but click here for an updated blog post with all the answers!

Video Blitz

It’s no secret that Shoplet loves a good contest. In fact, we’re so nuts about ’em that we decided to embed a contest within our e-procurement explainer video! The contest will run tomorrow, Friday, July 18th between the wee hours of 10:30 am & 1:30 pm. Because this contest lasts for 3 hours only, we decided to coin it a “BLITZ!” contest.

Wait…what’s e-procurement?? We all know Shoplet has “everything for your business,” but did you know that Shoplet also has excellent web tools that help you manage your budgets and control employee spending? Well, we do! And you can access them all for free through Shoplet’s e-procurement platform!

Now, back to the contest: It’s simple! Watch our “Learn how to save with Shoplet” video and find the green tags hidden throughout the unfolding scenes. Each tag has a series of letters and numbers printed on them. Here’s a hint. There are 4 tags! The first 10 entrants who email contests @ (no spaces) with all of the tags correctly identified win an amazing, eco-friendly prize!

Ready? Enjoy our video below:

That wasn’t too bad was it? Alright, here’s the exclusive prize list up for grabs. You’ll need to find all the tags to qualify as an full entry!

Prize List:
Grand Prize- 2 Winners

Eclipse Meeting Tote from Shoplet Promos.

Mead Recycled Notebook

Pilot B2P Recycled ballpoint Pens

Post it Recycled Notes

Universal Recycled Drawer Organizer

2nd Prize- 3 Winners

– Mead Recycled Notebook

– Pilot B2P Recycled ballpoint Pens

3rd Prize – 5 Winners

– 20% off Shoplet coupon


Good luck! 

*Open to U.S. Residents Only

Update: Itching to find the answers? Visit our updated blog post here with the answers.

  • Colleen

    See, I knew I wouldn’t be near a computer! and I had all 4

  • Lisa Breece

    Entered thanks so much!!!

  • autumn eaton

    Awesome sent my info in already! :)

  • Niurka

    I sent it

  • Colleen

    Not sure I will be near a computer during those hours. (no smart phone)

    • When it comes to a cant miss prize, why not commission the help of family and friends in your stead? What are friends for after all if not for helping you win cool stuff. : ) Good Luck!