ShopletPromos Microfleece Blanket Giveaway


We are excited for our first ShopletPromos giveaway! ShopletPromos is the new Shoplet site where businesses can find promotional products and have them customized with their company name and logo. Now you really can get EVERYTHING for your business with and ShopletPromos! Our introductory giveaway is 12 Norwood Microfleece Blankets customized with the winner’s company logo. These blankets are a perfect gift for customers, employees, and valued partners!

Here’s how to win:

Comment on this post and tell us how you will promote your company with your branded microfleece blankets.

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We will announce the winner on Wednesday 2/6/13. Good Luck!

130 thoughts on “ShopletPromos Microfleece Blanket Giveaway”

  1. Patricia Hillaker says:

    I shared your promotion on facebook.

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    Twitter @PatriciaHillake

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    I am following on Twitter.

  4. Patricia Hillaker says:

    I Subscribed to the Shoplet Blog Via RSS or Email

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    I am following you on pinterest.

  6. Patricia Hillaker says:

    I liked you on facebook

  7. Patricia Hillaker says:

    I would love to win the ShopletPromos Microfleece Blanket Giveaway By Grace. I am one of the winners of the unsung hero award for 2012. My winning program is Project Earth (Environmental Awareness Reaching Teen Homes). I am always looking for ways to promote the program and raise addition funds so my students can expand the project, such as: solar energy, wind turbine etc….. I would love to win the blankets and have the Project Earth logo placed on them. The plan would be to raffle them off with the proceeds going toward the project.

  8. Marianne Griffith says:

    Subscribed to the Shoplet blog by email .

  9. Marianne Griffith says:

    Twitter follower @feralartist

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    Facebook like by Marianne Griffith

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    Follow on Pinterest. MariaGriffith

  12. Marianne Griffith says:

    Our 8th Graders are going on an overnight camping trip. The 12 fleece blankets will be coveted by all, but only 12 will be able to win them on the trip! Word of mouth is going to be the best advertising here!

  13. bj bowden says:

    I would love to have them for my school and use them as part of our no name calling week theme to really help promote both the school and our anti-bullying work we are doing.

  14. jeannine s says:

    follow you on twitter @mellanhead

  15. jeannine s says:

    I would give them out at sons t-ball game to get it out there when they use them

  16. Meg Tucker says:

    Twitter follow @MegTucker1

  17. Meg Tucker says:

    Facebook like as Meg Tucker

  18. Meg Tucker says:

    Pinterest follow as Meg Tucker

  19. Melissa Tippie says:

    I will promote my company w/ShopletPromos products on my social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, myspace, etc. Also, I will tell all my family/friends, too! Thanks :)

  20. Meg Tucker says:

    I’d love to do a feature on one of my blogs and share on all the Social Media sites!! twitter follow/ @MegTucker1 F/B like /Meg Tucker Pinterest follow/ Meg Tucker email subs. Thanks Bunches!!

  21. Melissa Tippie says:

    Like ShopletPromos on Facebook! Thanks :)

  22. Doris Hepp says:

    I will tell everyone.

  23. Melissa Tippie says:

    I now “Follow” ShopletPromos on Pinterest! Thanks! :)

  24. SKY says:

    Subscribing to the Shoplet Blog Via RSS or Email:

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    Following ShopletPromos on Pinterest:

  26. SKY says:

    Following @Shoplet_Promos on twitter: @skycharlie11

  27. SKY says:

    Liked and Shared Shoplet on facebook:

  28. SKY says:

    I would make a punch line about my company and make it as a marketing statement to promote my company.

  29. says:

    your fan on facebook(Summerschyna)
    following you on twitter(Summerschyna)
    following you on pinterest(Summerschyna)

    these blankets would be perfect to advertise for our farm(Chicken Little Farm) It would be wonderful to maybe run a contest to win blankets from our farm or give them out to customers who purchase chicks.

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