Sketch Stickies

I love doodles and doodling. And sketching. Sadly, my little doodles and sketches always turn into flowers or diamonds or something generic. I have so much respect for those who can sketch something or draw something exactly just for fun. I discovered these stickies on Sticky Moments. There is no info about the artist….but he or she is very talented. Side note: there are some pretty scandalous stickies on the site – so beware if you visit! (I had to do some fast scrolling)

Bodzilla Firewood
Capecod Hollowdeer
Manhandle Stalactights
Lipsink Pezident
Youhaveapointthere Queuecumbers
  • These are awesome, great site! I think some of these would have a hard time being explained by a busted doodler. I would love to hear someone in a meeting explain these!

  • Tex

    Unfortunately i am very much like yourself when it comes to doodling infact drawing on a whole!

    I would love to have the skills to be good at art!

    Love the stickies!