Soda Lovers: Get Soap in Your Favorite Bottles


This morning I found the site of a soap that is getting a lot of talk right now. New Soap, Old Bottle. I read a few opinions about this new product and it seems to be pretty widely endorsed. One comment I read explained that if nothing else this should inspire us to reuse our soda bottles for cleaning liquids. I agree with that comment except for the fact that you, as a consumer, would still have to buy a giant bottle of Windex to refill your little soda bottle. The difference with New Soap, Old Bottle is that they buy the soap buy the barrel. I’m not sure what the barrel looks like (and I’d love to hear what NSOB would say about it!) but I assume that it is something recyclable and they make sure to recycle whatever it comes in.

So in my personal opinion it’s better to buy these products rather than make your own (unless you drink tons of soda and have lots of bottles lying around.) Plus, at only $4.99 for shipping you could stock up and still be paying less than you’d pay at your local grocery store.  What do you think? Is it a smart, environmentally conscious solution? Do you have any tips about staying environmentally conscious when you’re cleaning? Share them below!

  • This is a fantastic idea, recycling at its best, but one just has to very careful where you leave them for small children as they could confuse the bottle as juice

  • shannon

    Vinegar+water+whatever bottle you’ve got. Practically free and far less harmful than store-bought soap, while 95% as effective.