st. patrick’s day green goodies

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at your office? Of course you have to wear green to avoid getting pinched. But do you do anything else? Order some st. patrick’s day cupcakes? Maybe you do nothing, which is probably normal. But what if you celebrated by giving everyone tons of green office supplies. I bet that would be a hit. I’m telling you this idea in advance so you can get lots of good stuff before March 17th.

Shoplet Picks: The Staedtler Templates are awesome! I’ve been looking for something like this to draw perfect circles. The Genuine Joe Mats are made from 99.9% recycled material! The carpeted surface is made with post consumer PET plastic bottles and the backing is made with recycled rubber tires. Awesome.

All the green goodies: Wausau Astrobrights Paper, Avery Label Pads, Boorum Pease Account Book, Apple Shaped Timer, Liquid Paper Correction Tape, Paperpro Nano Minuature Stapler, Verbatim Clip-It, iLuv Smartphone Skin, Staedtler Templates, Swingline Electric Sharpener, Sparkle Border, Smead Expansion Wallet, Ampad Flip Chart Pads, Sparkle Green Glass Cleaner, Green Earplugs, Scotch Recyclable Padded Mailer, Ampad Envirotec Pad, Post-it Label Roll, EcoSmart Reference Binder, Pentel EnerGel Pen, Pilot Refillable Permanent Markers, ArtKraft Finish Paper, Universal File Folders, At-A-Glance Monthly Wall Calendar, Slim Jim Recycling Container, Oxford Index Cards, RECYCLING Stamp, Genuine Joe Mats, Dicota Carrying Case, Unger Microfiber Mitt, Paper Mate Earth Write Woodcase Pencils