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Stubby Pencil Studio has the cutest supplies for kids. What makes them even better is that a lot of them are made with recycled products or they are somehow good for the environment. I think it’s great that you can see everyone slowing shifting towards buying better products and more environmentally friendly products. Normally, I reach for the cheapest paper towels or toilet paper at the store but the past few months and I’ve been buying Seventh Generation or Marcal. It’s only a dollar or two more and it’s made with recycled paper which makes you not feel as bad about buying it. (Although I do think paper towels are generally a waste.) Anyways, it’s nice to be more conscious about the items we are buying. Skip to the bottom of this post to find links to some of my favorite items from Stubby Pencil Studio.

Made with Recycled Crayons: (National Crayon Recycling Program more than 45,000 pounds of old, rejected, and broken crayons have been rescued before going to landfills.)
Recycled Crayon Sticks
Earth Worm Crayons
Cupcake Crayons

Made with recycled phone books:
Recycled Rulers

Banana Paper Notebooks:
Dolphin Notebook

Made with recycled newspaper:
Smencils Colored Pencils

Other Products:
Brick Eraser
Shape Pencils
Blue/Red Checking Pencil
Fish Sharpener

One thought on “stubby pencil studio”

  1. Alyssa Steffes says:

    Love the idea of going green in the office. I think it’s really important! Those crayons are adorable. I also really like the Smencils Colored Pencils.

    Alyssa Steffes-

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