summer shopping for school at shoplet

Don’t get stressed, it’s not time to go back to school already. (Although if you have school – age kids, you might be praying for them to go back sooner!) Whether you’re a parent or student or just a regular person, buying school supplies is really fun, right? The only thing that could make it better is if you could get school supplies for free. We all know that’s not going to happen (unless you enter one of weekly giveaways!)

But, almost free is just as good. Visit our 20 items under $1.99 > click here! Get stuff like scotch tape, pastels, glue, composition books, folders, etc all for under a buck!

You can also shop, based on who you are shopping for – teachers, college kids, elementary/highschool, and little kindergartners

Find lots of school supplies like this:

Plus, make your kid the most eco-friendly kid in his or her class. Shop eco-friendly school supplies here.

Need something for school? Make sure to shop our site and get free shipping on orders over $45! Happy shopping!

One thought on “summer shopping for school at shoplet”

  1. chris swan says:

    Yep I can’t believe school will be starting soon. Thanks for reminding me to get the supplies list from the school. I think they said it was on the internet. I will check out your site the prices sound great. Thanks

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