Teacher Resources – Get a Head Start on Back To School!

Did you know that Shoplet sells Teacher Supplies?

teacher resources

It’s true! Shoplet carries a huge assortment of resources for teachers like planning books, stickers, art supplies, colorful borders for bulletin boards and more. I remember fun and decorative classrooms being a huge part of my childhood- and looking back on it now, my teacher’s creativity definitely fostered my desire to learn (though I appeared to be more interested in nap time and the contents of my lunchbox).

I loved making new creations with my Mr.Sketch markers, grabbing the hall pass to run an errand for my teacher, and testing my multiplication tables with flashcards. Having a bright and happy surrounding definitely encouraged me to be a better student! Every child deserves a positive learning environment and Shoplet makes that easy.

I still love these supplies- even now, and they can all be found on Shoplet.com. Check them out!

– Jen, Shoplet Intern

P.S. What are some items that were a huge part of your childhood? I would love to know in the comments below!

  • Jen

    I remember Discovery Channel videos too :) They’re great!

  • I’m majoring in biology in college, and my elementary school teachers definitely helped inspire my interest in science. I got to watch a lot of cool videos from the Discovery Channel and do a lot of fun experiments that wouldn’t have been possible without the proper supplies.