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The New Coming of The Floppy Disk

Remember the floppy disk, the 3½-inch black square that could store up to 1.44 MB and that is now relegated to landfill, and cost dollars to dispose of correctly. Anyway, like many things for the 80’s and90’s, it is having a stylish comeback. People are great at finding ways to recycle and are making the floppy disk into something useful; while others are making tributes to the old disk.

The Floppy Usb is a simple idea,which brings together two great icons of future and past of computer age, usb and floppy disc! This floppy disc USB drive has a retractable USB plug. Cool design! I miss the floppy disc time, floppy-usb is modern tribute to an old nostalgia.

These super-bold floppy disk coasters have a foam base, vinyl top, and gloss finish — making them nice and user friendly! A set of six costs about $40. Do tell if you think they are too geeky for your liking!

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Try your hand at making a bag or if that is too much for you get some crafty geekery for your home office with this floppy disk pen holder from Etsy. Others ideas for re-using these floppy disks include, notepads like this or this and there is a simple little ‘how-to’ at gear log for these and more fun floppy disk geekery, but for something slightly more stylish try this bag.


The holder is a geek chic contraption of five 3 1/4 floppies connected to form the ultimate desk accessory for the retro-geek lover in you. Luckily, the pen isn’t quite obsolete yet.

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