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The Wrap Artist Rocks


It’s not really the time of year when we wrap a lot of presents – that usually happens around the holidays. But really, every day is a good day to give someone a present. And there are two big events coming up that may require some wrapping – Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.

I remember having lessons when I was little about “it’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside.” Yes I agree, that 100% works with a person. With the actual present and wrapping it? I completely disagree. Wrapping a present completes the whole package! It’s one of my favorite things about getting someone a present. I love pulling out bags of ribbons, stickers, old tissue and wrapping paper, newspaper, hole punches, etc etc.

The “wrapping jobs” I usually see on the internet are so perfect and crisp looking. A few days ago I discovered the Wrap Artist and I felt yes, this guy could really be my friend. So creative, so fun.  Here are some of my favorites:

lk-05-277 gauzeOnBrown
band-weave-104 bottleWrap-07
lego-212 coconut-63
bus-06-372 drawRibbon-122

Thanks to the Wrap Artist! And remember to be environmentally friendly and reuse the packaging you get!

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  1. I can’t agree more.
    My business is gifts too and I always tell people that they should wrap their gift nicely, and more than that – the best results are when you wrap the gift in a way that is related to the event.
    Works every time!

    Michelle – Graduation Gift Idea Advisor