Three New Office Supplies

I spent a lot of time near Michigan State last week and was lucky enough to wander around one of the bookstores next to campus. I almost walked out with a million different things but settled on three items: a Roaring Spring Rainbow Swirl Pad, a Staedtler Highlighter, and a Stabilo pointVisco. I can now report that all three items were great purchases. I have wanted to try out the Staedtler Highlighters ever since I saw them on our website because the design of the marker looks really cool. I didn’t notice any bleeding when I used it and the color is great. Sadly, we don’t carry the Roaring Spring rainbow pad. Or the Stabilo Pens. But the Stabilo Pen is my new favorite. (and they come in lots of different colors!)

Sorry that the pink is so blinding in this picture!