Top 10 Best Coat Racks for Your Office

Well, actually I put in 17…there are too many good ones! I’ve always thought coat racks were over rated. I would like to take back that thought and share my love for coat racks. They eliminate the need for wasting 20 seconds to put your coat on a hanger, they keep your coat off the floor (even when you put on the back of chair at work it still falls and gets covered in stuff and dragged around) and lots of times they look really nice. Here are 17 coat racks that I would definitely consider putting in my office, if I had my own office. Enjoy!

Stretto Coat rack & mirror


Saves so much space and look so cool. I love the extra hooks on the bottom. You could put this in an awkward out of the way corner or right in the front of your office where everyone can see them!

Erich Ginder Ghost Tree


Beautiful simple and yeah you could hang a lot of random stuff. I hate when you try and hang something with a thicker strap, like a back pack or messenger bag, and the hook is too small and it continues to fall off as you are trying to put it back on.

Urban Outfitters Coat Rack


Yeah yeah urban outfitters is trendy and becoming a little too cool but the orange is such a cheerful color! I would love hanging my coat on it or just staring at it all day.

Clip 9-hook Coat Rack


Okay so it’s not a coat rack but I love hooks on the wall. I don’t know why I havent’ invested in more. I hate hanging things on hangers, I really should just have hooks everywhere. These are from Crate and Barrel.

Twist Coatrack by Christoph and Patrizia

9-26-twist-coat-rack-1 Yeah probably too artsy for the normal office but it’s a real beautiful sculpture. One of those conversation pieces I guess.



Probably not for your office. But if you have a doctor’s office? It’s a kids’ coat stand. And with such a cute name!! Handstand.



This is would be such fun hour at your office. You get a bunch of Y shapes and connect them together. And it looks beautiful when you’re done.

Hightower Coat Stands


You should have a forest of coat stands! Every person could have their own. I think they would look just rockin by themselves too. They’re not cheap but ooh they’re so cool.

ODDA Storage Unit and Coat Rack from IKEA

I don’t think any person in the world could hate IKEA. They have great design and they are cheap. This little duo fits two items into one. Hang up your coat and throw you mittens in the drawer. Yeah I need this!

Wild West Coat Rack


Love the lasso shape but you do need hangers to put anything on this coat rack.. Not ideal for me but probably would look real cool in your office!

Toda Coat Racks


It’s art..oh and it’s a coat rack! I’m assuming you pop out those pieces, not sure exactly how it works. Looks like it’s made from really nice wood and would really save you some space.


I swear of seen something like this before for skis or poles or something. But what a cool idea for a pick in your own size coat rack! You pick how many sticks you want in that little square. You decide how big or small or how they are tilting.



You must go to the website for the whole idea! I’m not sure I love the style but I do love the idea. As a girl living 2 other girls living in a studio apartment, saving space is a must have. So is a mirror. But then so is a coat rack. Check out how they hide a coat rack within a mirror!



I don’t even know what’s going on with this one but it definitely fits it’s title. Lots of rings like that planet.



Love the ad for this one. I wonder if you could paint it any color that you liked. Oh and it folds up and you can store it!

Jester Coat Rack


Looks just like a jester hat! Not so much a hook but a nice little nob.

Wait What?


I was looking around at different coat racks and this guy had written an article about the world’s best coat rack and this was the image. Yeah I guess you could count it as a coat rack. If you mean that you will never use it and that you will probably just throw your coat on it when you walk in the door. Or if you think that by having this item by the front door you will be reminded to actually use it when you try to hang your coat on the single bar. There aren’t many things to hang coats from. If they guy came with it, I’d totally buy it.