Top 10 Creative AND Practical Bookcases

Last month we showcased some bookcases to spice up your office. Check out that post here. Since then, well we’ve come across a few others. While you want a bookcase that will actually hold your books, you may want one that adds some interest too. A good conversation piece as my mom would say.


I like the idea of walking into an office and seeing a running man on the wall full of books. Or even the cat one.



Instead of a normal bookcase in your waiting room or lounge, how about one of these? The bibliochaise looks like it is actually comfortable, not just functional.

Bookcase Wall


I’ve definitely seen walls full of shelves of books but I really like this design. I’m not sure I would have enough books to fill each shelf but I imagine sticking some magazines, craft supplies, flowers, even blankets in some of those slots. While a normal wood bookcase might fit your needs, why not maximize the amount of space?

Quad Bookcase


Add a blob to your wall! That’s what this makes me think. I love the different sized slots everywhere. You can store so many different things and make it actually look organized.

Silk (The Spider Web Bookcase)


Designed by Bloq,perfect for that corner space. From what I read, they custom make the pieces so you can customize your web.

Opus Shelving


While not the most intense bookcase out there, this piece is both classy and simple. Made by designer Sean Yoo, it could be the perfect alternative to a simple bookcase. If I was nervous about getting anything too out of the ordinary, I’d go for this piece.

Stacks and “The City”


I’m not sure if this is really what it is called, I hope not. It’s a nice look but maybe inconvenient to have to stick books in specific places. I tend to like shelves that I can throw things in very quickly.



Designed by Doris Kisskalt, this bookcase serves a dual purpose. Put it against your wall or put it in the middle of your room to divide up the space. They are easy to stack and you can choose between 2 circle sizes.

Budak Modular Shelving


This makes me think of a stack of trees, perfect to sit on or throw your stuff on I guess (It seems like it would break if you actually sat on it.) You can stack up a hundred of them and make a library or stack up a couple for an end table or nightstand.

Ceiling Bookcase


I’m still trying to understand how this works but I love the idea. Living in a studio apartment with a loft, this would be perfect for me. What I’m trying to understand here is if you need a chair or if you have to be really tall to make this work. Either way, it looks cool and is a great way to use your space!

[via Fresh Home]

[via Web Urbanist]

  • I too have been searching for a great book case for the past couple months. Some of these are really cool!!! And really pricey..merrr..especially the ones from the UK! Thanks for sharing. I am inspired to find something as creative as these!