Valentine’s Day Office Supplies Packages

Don’t stress, Valentine’s Day is not for a few more weeks! But you may want to kind of start thinking about what you want to get your Valentine. Does your Valentine love office supplies? Surprise them with one of these color-coded packages! Choose Red or Pink or get a little of both. Don’t forget to throw in some of the conversation hearts. Everyone needs some of those and maybe some Reeses hearts too.

The Red Package: Red Sealing Tape, Red Admit One Tickets, Red Ring Binder, Red Dry-Erase Markers, Red Avery Labels, Red Sharpie Marker, Red Stamp Pad, Red Post-it Flag Dispenser, Pentel TranXition Red Pencil, Smead Red Folders, Red Quality Park Envelopes, Red Belkin Mouse Pad, Red Push Pins, Red Calculator, Red Button Envelopes, Red Letter Set

The Pink Package: Pink Pearl Erasers, Pink Ribbon Gas Dusters, Neon Pink Clipboard, Pink iPad Skin, Boise Fireworx Pink Paper, Verbatim Pink DVDs, Pink Fingertip Moistener, Pink Nano Stapler, Magnet Man Clip, Pink Paper Clips, Pink Bic Wite-Out, Purell Pink Hand Sanitizer, Method Pink Hand Wash, Method Pink Wipes, Method Pink Cleaner, Pink Sharpie Markers

  • I would choose the pink package! Who can resist Sharpies and Post-its and yummy hand soap? Oh my!