We Built This City With Staples


I am nothing short of impressed with Peter Root, the creator of this masterpiece. He says “Low-Rise is a precarious assemblage of thousands of free-standing stacks of staples densely tessellated to create a city-like mosaic. Like a city, the staples are subject to the elements, on a micro scale. The slightest breath or vibration and the domino effect kicks in.

I say, I never use my stapler and I now know what I’m going to do with the box of staples sitting on my desk. Who knew that stacked staples create a really cool texture that look like rows and rows of windows. Plus he put it on a glass table which gives the illusion of reflections of buildings in water. Once again I’m impressed.


Update with New Video:

6 thoughts on “We Built This City With Staples”

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  2. Sesli Chat says:

    That was an stunning view! As if they are real building

  3. Nathan says:

    Wow, yeah i wanna know how much time that actually took, and when the artist first started did they intend on making something like this? or was it supposed to be a lot smaller? =D did they start in the middle with the tallest buildings first?

  4. Gold says:

    That was an stunning view! As if they are real building. Great Job for those who create that, how many day it takes?

  5. Cash Back says:

    Wow… it’s eerily convincing!

    Thank God they don’t ship staples individually, eh? I couldn’t imagine trying to paste each one of those suckers together individually. Yeesh!

  6. gamesfreak says:

    omg awesome stuff!! looks kinda surreal lol

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