Westcott Paper Cutter and Kid Scissors

A few months ago, I tried the Westcott Titanium Razor Paper Cutter and we became instant friends. It’s the best tool for cutting wrapping paper and little clips out of newspapers or magazines. I tried cutting multiple layers with it and it definitely works best to cut just one sheet of normal weight paper at a time.

I also tested a few different Westcott Kids Microban Scissors. I usually assume that something that is labeled Kids will be best for kids and not something I’d want to use all the time. These little scissors actually work really well! They would be perfect to throw in your purse since the tip isn’t super sharp and they are small and lightweight. I checked to see if the non-stick claim was true by cutting through some Duck Double Stick Tape. The scissors weren’t sticky at all and they cut just as great afterwards. (as a side note, I love Duck Double Stick Tape! I use it all the time.)

Have you tried any of these items? Let us know if you liked/disliked them in the comments!