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Wild Guerrilla Marketing

Have you heard of “guerrilla marketing” yet? Without knowing the definition, I’m almost 90% positive that you’ve witnessed or observed a guerrilla marketing tactic at some point in your American life. According to, Guerrilla marketing is defined as “any number of unconventional methods of marketing with minimal resources for maximum results…any marketing campaign that uses non-mainstream tactics and locations.” So, any wildly original, clever means of unconventional┬ámarketing conducted on behalf of a product, brand or service can fall under the umbrella category of “guerrilla marketing.”

Guerrilla marketing tactics are totally cool for a number of reasons. If you’re a brand or company running a smart guerrilla marketing campaign, your eye-catching advertisements will stop people in their tracks to experience your brand on a level that resonates more thoroughly. If you’re not a brand or company, but a random pedestrian admiring a clever guerrilla marketing campaign, you get to enjoy the fun level of engagement that guerrilla marketing campaigns often provide.

Here are a few great examples of clever guerrilla marketing:

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Giant blow dryer for drybar

aaaAM04 9968 2131web Wild Guerrilla Marketing

Dotted line for a classic proposal, by Tiffany & Co.

ffffguerilla marketing ads comedy central Wild Guerrilla Marketing

Prank bunny ears for movie theater seats, by Comedy Central

shock top car Wild Guerrilla Marketing

A mohawked-Volkswagen Beetle for Shock Top!

Picture 20 Wild Guerrilla Marketing

A real-life Kit Kat bar bench (if only the bench were made of real Kit Kat wafers!!)

gdfdfdfuerrilla marketing company new york city Wild Guerrilla Marketing

Is that the bull in the financial district wearing GoldToe underwear? You bet.

guerilla marketing example1 Wild Guerrilla Marketing

A crosswalk made clean, thanks to Mr. Clean

Looking for more examples of great guerrilla marketing campaigns? Shoplet Promos’s Pinterest board, titled “Guerrilla Marketing and the Best Ads!” is a dream.

And if you’re looking to market your brand the classy, traditional way, promotional products are a great place to start. And Shoplet Promos has got you covered on that!

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