Win a Pentel Goodie Bag + a Visa Gift Card!


Pentel Wants You to Live on the Edge of Your Paper and on the Tip of Your Pen!

Win a Goodie Bag of EnerGel Pens and a $25 Visa Gift Card!

Release your ENER-gy by telling us about your favorite Pentel product for a chance to win a $25 Visa Gift card and a goodie bag full of EnerGel pens worth $100 in retail value.

The family of Pentel EnerGel pens is known for their superior, smooth blend of liquid and gel inks. A writing experience that is truly worth 1,000 words.

Can I tell you how much I love it when Pentel comes to visit? Lots of awesome pens, highlighters and pencils! And yes, the EnerGel pens are an office favorite around here!

How can you win this giveaway?  Easy. Tweet about your favorite pentel product! We all know my love for the purple energel pen – I would say  “The purple pentel energel pen is my bff. #pentel”

So what’s your favorite?

UPDATE: Congrats to @tiramisu8, our pentel giveaway winner!

  • Jackie

    As far as I am concerned, Pentel is the only type of writing instrument I buy. Good value for the money. And red is my favorite color.

  • Christina D

    I like the Pentel EnerGel Liquid Roller Ball Capped Gel Pen in Black and Blue. If there is one thing I can’t stand more than anything at work is not having a good pen and this one works great.

  • Brian Kortmeyer

    The purple pentel energel pen is my bff. #pentel

  • Sarah Cary

    The Energel Deluxe RTX Needle Tip is my favorite all time pen. I am left handed and other pens smear as a I write. This ink dries super quickly on the needle tip and doesn’t smear and get all over my hand and my paper.

  • ACas

    As a crafter these pens are Swell!
    The purple pentel energel pen is Fab!

  • Bert Bishop

    I simply love this pen. I’m in a panic because I’m running low on Blue and Violet ink!

  • Letha

    i am a ink pen collector and i like pentel ink pens, like the roller writer and the energel.

  • Lisa G

    All Pentel products are great but I love colored pens so I can use them when making out Thank you, Birthday, Xmas, ect cards.

  • I have to write pages a day for my work and this is the best pen that writes smoothly without hurting my hand and elbow.

  • Patrick

    ¡¡¡All Pentel pens are excellent!!!

  • Teresa King

    I purchase ink pens for my family. I buy Pentels for myself.

  • Jefferson McCullough

    I am an artist, and I paint in various media. One of my secret techniques is to employ the Pentel Artist Series
    Color Pens for detail work.

  • Carol Stevens

    I LOVE the Pentel RSVP pens! They come in great colors with different tips and are really comfortable! But — the EnerGel pens sound pretty slick too! I’ll have to try them soon! I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win!

  • I gotta have a fast pen! I take endless notes and I need a smooth, non-blobby pen to speed up the process. Pentel products do the job (almost) for me!

  • Renee-Nicole Douceur

    I absolutely love my EnerGel purple ink pen!!! It brightens my day while working in the bleak all-white environment of the South Pole at the bottom of the world in Antarctica. Now if only the ink would last longer in the most driest, harshest, windiest and coldest place on Earth I would give away a purple ink pen to each crew member to brighten their day as well!

  • Marion Hecht

    I love all of Pentel’s products. They make great pens

  • Angela V.

    I love the Pentel Hi-Polymer Lead Refills. They are very durable, & write smoothly. Also notice that the lead doesn’t break as easily as other brands tend to do.

  • Grace

    Contest ends on Monday! Sorry, can’t believe I left that detail out.

  • Jill H.

    @shoplet The red EnerGel pen is my luv bumpkin’ #pentel

    When does the contest end? Thanks!

  • Brandon

    The best product that Pentel makes for me are there roller ball pens, they write so smooth.

  • James P.

    I have to admit that I havent had a chance to try out the Pentel line of products but would greatly appreciate the opportunity to give them a try.

  • Barb Miller

    I will ONLY write with my Pentel EnerGel liquid gel ink pen. Every other pen feels like it’s dragging on the paper. I have other pentel products that I’ve loved but nothing like this Energel. I would like to try the highlighters and maybe the brush tips for my son who is an artist. I’m just not sure what to get him. LOVE LOVE LOVE color!!

  • Helen S.

    I love the Purple Pentel Outline Marker! The best color and can use for so many projects!

  • Cindy Bertram

    I like black

  • I just like anything Pentel. Their pens are my favorites!

  • i like black or blue :)

  • Darlene Frederick

    I like the Pental EnerGel Liquid GelInk Pens. I order these for my office and everybody seems to like them.

  • Anissa Cannon

    I love the Pentel EnerGel RTX
    Rollerball Pen medium point in black. #Pentel

  • Anissa Cannon

    Purple is the only way and I must have my energel pentel #Pentel

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