Win a Tote Full of Avery Office Supplies!


Our next giveaway is sponsored by Avery! Currently, they have an awesome rebate available – if you spend $50 or more on select Avery Products you’ll get a free canvas tote to carry groceries, school supplies, etc. To learn more about this rebate, Click here.

To promote this great rebate, they are giving away one of their canvas totes – full of great Eco-Friendly office supplies! Here’s what you will find in there.

How can you win?

1.Follow @shoplet and @averyproducts OR subscribe to our blog
2. Inspired by their beautiful label packaging, Tweet (or comment) your favorite tree that you’d be saving if you started buying products made with recycled content.
(Example: I love weeping willows! I’d be sad to see any of those trees chopped down! #avery #green)
3. Watch and wait to see if you are the winner! Winner will be announced April 19.

Remember this month is Environmental Awareness Month- the time to make goals that will keep our planet nice!

53 thoughts on “Win a Tote Full of Avery Office Supplies!”

  1. Sheri Carson says:

    I love the old oak trees and hate losing them for frivolus things

  2. Linda McKay says:

    Everytime I see another green product, I have a little more hope that we can still protect and save our planet from disaster. My favorite trees would be the majestic redwoods, and the Dawn Redwood in particular, which was here even before the dinosaurs, once thought to have been extinct, but luckily it has not disappeared from our planet! I have started to use the Avery┬« Index Maker┬« Clear Label Dividers 11410 as one of my green products, and will switch over all of my labels to ‘green’.

  3. Janice says:

    My favorite tree is the red maple. It is so colorful in the fall.

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