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Win an HSM Shredder: Make Recycled Packaging!

green-giveawayApril is Environmental Awareness month and to celebrate we’re hosting “green” giveaways all month long! Many of the brands we carry have become more environmentally responsible in the last few years – using more recycled content to create their products, making biodegradable products, and coming up with green ways to use their products!Our first green giveaway is sponsored by HSM!  We’re giving away (2) HSM 80.2 Cross Cut Compact Shredder! Here are some highlights:

  • Automatic start/stop control.
  • Standby operation without power consumption.
  • Working width is 9”.
  • Crosscut models can cut up to approximately 5 sheets per run;Rocker switch for on/off and reverse.
  • Hardened solid-steel cutting rollers can handle occasionalstandard paperclips or staples.
  • Powerful drive for high performance; motor with protectedthermal fuse.
  • Runs quietly.
  • The tried-and-tested closed-tooth wheel drive preventspenetration of dirt and slows wear, increasing the service life.

So why does this shredder fall under green office supplies? Because you can create recycled packaging for shipping boxes and presents! You can stick anything from newspaper and bright colored paper to magazine pages and wrapping paper. It’s not recommended that you use bills or any papers containing personal information (although with a cross-cut shredder your info should be pretty chopped up.) Read more tips and tricks here.

shredded_paper istockphoto_5670616-pink-white-shredded-paper 4151210737_24285bce41

Also, learn how to use shredder paper for compost (there are so many uses for this stuff!)Here’s how to win it:1. Follow @shoplet on twitter or subscribe to our blog2. Tweet your environmental goal for the month of April along with the tags #hsm and #green(Example Tweet: @shoplet I want to start a compost pile in my backyard! #hsm #green)ORComment on our blog with your environmental goal.3. Watch and wait to see your name announced April 12th!Let’s all make the goal to treat planet earth a little nicer this month! Choose Recycled Office Supplies.P.S. See last year’s post about shredding cardboard with an HSM Shredder

UPDATE: Congrats @Doodle741 and Tracy P – our shredder winners!

47 Responses to Win an HSM Shredder: Make Recycled Packaging!

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  2. I was just thinking yesterday that I’d call the city offices and ask them about recycling. I’ve been ornery about getting started here, because, their program is not as extensive as it was in Texas. But now, that’s just being silly, isn’t it? *headdesk*

    And yesterday I planted roma tomatoes, better boy tomatoes, and cucumbers. Yummmm!!

  3. Diana Nazario says:

    I really need a shredder, bad. I have 2 big garage can to shred, my boss would not buy me one, we have one that is so old, around 20 year old and it does work to good.

  4. @1loco says:

    Wonderful shredder. And I’m definitely trying to think of ways to be more green–very important!

  5. Michelle says:

    My environmental goal is to recycle as much as possible and repurpose rather than throw away. I have recently found people on Freecycle who need coffee grounds for gardening so I am saving mine for them rather than throwing them away!

  6. Judy O says:

    I have used newspaper as mulch for my plants outside during the cold weather. Shredded paper would be so much better!! I could fit it closer to the base of the plants and it would break down easier in my compost pile. Like everyone before me, I would love to win your shredder prize.

  7. Laurie D says:

    We currently use seaweed and newspaper to ship our live lobsters. Shredded paper to fill the rest of the box space would save money on shipping and recycle the paper we have. Terrific!

  8. Barbara M. says:

    I’ve started a recycling program at my church which wasn’t easy to get everyone on board, this shredder would be just the perfect “blessing” my church needs. Way too much church material gets put in the trash each week and shredding is the logical answer to our needs.

  9. Adam says:

    Turning shredded paper into compost– now there’s an idea.

    Does anyone know how to make a compost collector for food scraps? I learned how years ago but now forget.

    Thanks! Good luck to the contest participants!

  10. Kim Kenty says:

    I really need a shredder. I could shred and compost instead of just throwing piles of paper in the trash.

  11. Sonia says:

    I have always wanted a shredder for my work, since I deal with a lot of confidential information, and I signed up for the New Gold drive.. which is going green… this helps one saves money, energy, the environment and nature itself. Please, I need this shredder. Thanks

  12. Melanie says:

    I am getting a rain collection system for watering my plants and garden. I also have an appointment with a solar System company to see if I can get set up for that. I hear its expensive so I doubt I will be doing it this month.
    I use my shredded paper for packing material when I ship boxes from our business. It’s good for the environment and saves us money.
    My shredder is constantly jamming so I would love a new one.

  13. Monica Carbajosa says:

    awesome! I work from home and could really use a shredder! I always bring my bags when I go food shopping and always recycle! Never use bottled water instead I use a brita water filter and kleam kanteen
    i follow on twitter! @momtodanielle

  14. Dana says:

    My green goal is to use canvas grocery bags instead of plastic or paper bags.
    I’m also @hushmouth on Twitter

  15. Michelle Simons says:

    My goal is to use only energy saver light bulbs and keep telling everyone else too.

  16. Frances Nickerson says:

    I was one of the earliest petitioners for our city to adopt recycling as a method for disposal for paper, metal, glass & plastic. Since then aside from recycling all of those things in the blue box on a regular daily basis, I’ve started using some things we’d ordinarily throw out for other purposes such as material for crafting purposes and rags out of old clothes etc… One of my mottos is and always has been “waste not want not” so if I can find a use for something that saves me money, I’m all for it.

  17. Jennie Crandall says:

    I have actually been looking for a new shredder. Mine was much smaller than this one and didn’t do as much as this one can. I love to feel safe and secure .. that’s why I use a shredder.

  18. Barbara K. says:

    I am creating mailers from recycled paper, with coupons for 10% any new solar installation, new solar skylights, that light an entire room and solar ceiling fan’s, tankless water heaters, etc…. And, you get 30% back from the federal government thru December 2012 on your federal return. When you combine that with the cash rebates from PG&E (if you live in California) the average Net Cost to the customer is 33%!!!!!!

    That doesn’t even include the savings on their power bills! For more info go to:

  19. Ronda Kelley says:

    Our company is trying to save money by reusing copy source paper and running it through on the other side. We have to shred payroll information however, but we use this for packing material in our shipping department. Win Win for both departments.

  20. Lisa G says:

    Wow this is a nice shredder!! I shred every bill and papers I get. My shredder is on it’s last legs (motor) and I know it is not even close to this beauty! My goal is to continue to use my canvas shopping bags, recycle all newspapers, bottles and all household things that can be. I always reuse my cardboard boxes I get from the mail and if I don’t I recycle them. :) @ladylisa1 on twitter

  21. Lisa G says:

    Wow love the uses with the shredded paper even the cat bed from last year hehehe that would be my cat for sure!

  22. Julies says:

    I won’t buy bottled water, and I’m going to refuse to accept it whenever it’s offered to me.

  23. Diane says:

    I would love this! Just yesterday I took a couple bags full of papers that needed to be shreded to a local “shred drive” !

  24. Tammy Kennedy says:

    I want to use the shredded material for sending packages as protection instead of using peanuts.
    Also using the shredded paper for insulation when we redo our walls and ceiling

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

  25. JenniferB says:

    following on twitter- put up a clothesline this week and stop using the dryer. Planted peas, cabbage, broccoli and greens this weekend and always composting.

  26. Kristen McDowel says:

    I saw an event planner make table decorations using shredded paper. Usefull for any office to go green. What a wonderful item to have.

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