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Win an HSM Shredder

Win an HSM Shredder with simple-to-use features and convenient design

Win an HSM Shredder with simple-to-use features and convenient design!

This week one lucky winner will receive an HSM shredder that tackles small amounts of documents and data with the touch of a finger. With the HSM Shredstar BS12C function meets affordability. It’s perfect for personal or home office use.

To win:
Leave a comment telling us why you need a shredder!
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We will pick 1 winner using on October 7th.

282 Responses to Win an HSM Shredder

  1. Caitlin Elliott says:

    My current shredder I have now is a (still functioning, knock on wood!) model from the ’80s. It frequently jams, and at some point the bin underneath was lost, so I have to fit a trash bag onto it so that paper pieces don’t cascade all over the floor. Frequently, pieces seem to have a way of working their way out of the sides anyway. I would really, really like a new shredder.

  2. Barbara G says:

    As in any business, our school needs this shredder to shred documents that should not be available to people. It is a security issue. In today’s society even more so.

  3. Jacqueline Williams says:

    I desperately need a shredder!!!! The one i had for a long time burned out & I haven’t been able to buy one since. I get a lot of mail, especially junk mail & pkgs. with labels on them & I don’t want anyone to get a hold of my personal information. It would be sooo great if I could win this because i don’t know when i’ll be able to buy one. I also want a good shredder, one that will shred my papers into bits so that my information will be unrecognizable. i enter many contests & never win. Thank you so much for having this giveaway and I hope you’ll choose me!!!

  4. Jacquelyn Nusser says:

    We run a non-profit organization, and we are currently in the process of moving locations. We could really use this shredder so we don’t have to use much needed money on a shredding company.

  5. Katy Kruzic says:

    I NEED THIS SHREDDER! My current shredder is slow, makes a new noise each time it is used, must be emptied all the time and makes a better ottoman than a machine.

    I would treasure this shredder. It would be cared for, loved and cleaned daily. I would even take it on walks if the instruction manual told me to.

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  7. Chrissy Saeman says:

    I am overwhelmed with paper clutter and old bills – it is time to clean up the home office.

  8. Ed Mixon says:

    With all the paper that keeps accumulating, I really need a shredder that can handle the job, unlike the puny one I currently have. This looks like it could really do the job!

  9. Debbie Welchert says:

    The last shredder I had died a long time ago and I would love to have another one. It would be so nice to be able to shred unwanted papers again instead of tearing them up by hand or scissors.

  10. Mary Jackson says:

    It would be much easier to shred those credit card offers and other forms that come in mail with my personal information than cutting them up- I “forget” about needing one when I am at a store where they are sold and then remember when I get home. Winning one would bring the shredder to me!

  11. Claudia says:

    I need a shredder for Bank statements ,Bills and much more he Firepit~ sure beats burning them in the Fire Pit even that they make a great Fire starter ;)