Win an Iceberg IndestrucTable!


Time to start a new project with your new personal folding table! This giveaway is sponsored by Iceberg, one of our suppliers for great office chairs, tables, and desks.


Besides it being just a free table, why would you want it?

  • Holds up to 25 lbs.
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Lightweight, durable
  • Construction of blow molded high density polyethylene
  • Height adjusts from 25″ or 28″

Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow @shoplet on Twitter
2. Tell us about someone you know or something you have that is indestructible (not easily destroyed..)
3. Watch and wait to see if you’re the winner! Will be announced Monday, March 22.

Example tweets/comments: “@shoplet my chacos are indestructible! I seriously have worn those things all over the world.” “@shoplet my brother is indestructible! Last week he landed on his head and is totally fine.”

So what or who in your life in indestructible?

  • Betty Howell

    My mother, Mary, is 81 years old and she is indestructible because she is still here, thank goodness. She needs this table to eat on in her easy chair because she has limited mobility.

  • tina reynolds

    My Nalgene bottle is amazing I have really put it to use and it is in great shape

  • tina reynolds

    I am following on twitter thanks for the chance to win twitter id @eaglesforjack

  • I really need something indestructable. I have a mini pin and she has destroyed almost everything in my house so I am going to have to say about the only thing I have that is destroyable (?) is the vacuum cleaner and thats probably only because she is afraid of it.
    following on twitter @avrilsgranny

  • Vanessa

    Following you on Twitter and tweet about what is indestructible:

  • Madeline

    My cell phone is pretty indestructable!
    username on twitter: mem4dr

  • My husband is indestructible. He’s still in one piece after 27 years together.

  • I Follow @shoplet on Twitter.

  • Lisa S.

    Indestructible? Sounds like just the table for our Pastor!

  • sandy

    Wow – this would be great to donate to the high school baseball team for concessions and feeding the boys in between games. Of course I would need one in my office too. Great size!

  • My husband is indestructible…he bangs his head constantly at work and since he’s nearly bald, you can see every cut. We joke that he needs to wear a helmet when he leaves for work.

  • My favorite pair of craft scissors are indestructible! I’ve had them for a wicked long time and they are still sharp as ever and they’ve been put through the ringer!!!

    I follow on Twitter! @JustJingle

  • Michelle

    My Dansko’s are indestructible, I have worn them everywhere for more than 10 years, and they still look nice and are comfy. And, even after wearing them pretty constantly for so long, they don’t smell!

  • I follow you on twitter: @shopwithmemama

    What is indestructable? Hmmm… Me :) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Mary Preston

    I have a garden set that I inherited from an elderly relative. I don’t now how many coats of paint it has but we freshen it up each spring. Good as new. Maybe better.

  • Mary Preston

    I follow on Twitter.

  • LeeAnn P.

    I could really use this to do crafts projects with the kids.

  • Laura B

    My office sweater is indestructible. It has lasted forever.

  • katmagick

    I could definitely use this table. I had a similar one that I lent out and never got back.

  • That table could come in very handy for assembling once a month! I always seem to run out of surfaces then and scramble to find a place to set everything!

  • My stainless coffee thermos is totally indestructible. It goes everywhere with me.