Win the New EVOLUTION Pencil Sharpener!

ipoint-chromaticsAnnouncing our FIRST weekly giveaway! Check our blog, facebook, and twitter every Monday morning to see what you could win that week!This week,  our giveaway is sponsored by Westcott – check out their website (and lots of cool products!) here.I’m so excited about the new products they are coming out with for 2010! Great design, great colors, and a much more efficient way to do things. This weeks’ giveaway is all about revolutionizing the way we sharpen our pencils. Remember the days when you used the manual crank kind? You know, the one that usually ate your pencils and made your hand/arm sore?Introducing the iPoint 2 Evolution Pencil Sharpener. Here’s a few reasons why it’s awesome:

  • Winner of the GOOD DESIGN award! Why is that cool? Well their competitors included Apple, Hewlett Packard and BMW!
  • Titanium Blades sharpen it from the top, leaving all those messy shavings in a contained, easy to empty area (The EZ View shavings reservoir)
  • Designed to take up as little space as possible on your desk. Easily fits in next to your coffee mug, phone, and all that other junk.
  • Auto Stop prevents you from over sharpening and noise level is much lower than your average sharpener.
  • Available in electric and battery powered and coming soon in SO many beautiful colors!

Want to try it out? Here’s how to win!

1. Follow us on twitter (@shoplet)2. Tweet @shoplet and tell us how you would use your brand new sharpener! (example: “@shoplet My daughter loves to doodle. She would love the color and use it all the time!”)3. We’ll randomly pick a winner and announce him/her on twitter! You’ll win a iPoint 2 Evolution  Electric Pencil Sharpener in BLACK CHERRY! (worth 50 bucks!) So cute, I mean cool (for all those guys out there.) Plus, you’ll get some other goodies from Westcott! black-cherry-ipoint

Check out this cool video about iPoint products!(Love the song choice)Any questions? Leave a comment below or send an email to marketing[at] Happy winning![Offer only available to those who live in the US. Thanks!]Update: Congratulations to saraminda! Our winner! Thanks to everyone who entered!

12 thoughts on “Win the New EVOLUTION Pencil Sharpener!”

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  5. Allie says:

    These pencil sharpeners are brilliant, offering a new spin on an old toy.

  6. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    Awesome – I subscribed to the blog so I can keep an eye on what ya’ll are up to around here!

    Just got my order tracking email – I think my order is going to get here today!! For FREE shipping – that just ROCKS! :D

  7. BellaNYC says:

    P.S. Hope my name isnot a set back if so I have another account to use :-) really want to win that sharpener!

  8. BellaNYC says:

    Just entered With @Lick1Virgin will I be disqualified becuase of my Username?

    P.S. Just finished shopping with you, can’t wait to get my shippment!


  9. Shelly Cox says:

    Love it! My eight year old son would be crazy about this one!

  10. katmagick says:

    I love the purple one! I would love to win one even if it’s black and if I don’t I will probably be buying the purple one!

  11. Grace says:

    Jerry- just follow @shoplet on twitter, tell us why you want it and you’ll be entered to win!

    Lisa- I saw your tweet! I’m so glad you tried out our site. These pencil sharpeners are brand new! I definitely want one in all those different colors. So cool. Just so you know, we’ll be holding a giveaway every week on our blog so make sure to check back! Thx – Grace

  12. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    That sharpener looks totally cool!!! I would love to win it- I tweeted you! (@lisamariemary)

    Never heard of you guys before, just did all my office supply shopping with you – uber pleased so far! :)

  13. Jerry Fair says:

    I want that sharpener… now pls!

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