WINNERS of Shoplet’s New Logo Design Giveaways So Far….

Thank you all, sososo much, for participating in Shoplet’s recent giveaways :) I absolutely adored reading everything that everyone submitted <3 We appreciate everyone’s creativity!

A special “congrats” to the following winners:

  • Paper Prize Pack For the Letter “H”: Regina
  • Duck Tape Prize Pack For the Letters “OP”: Amie Olson
  • Pen, Pencil & Notebook Prize Pack For the Letter “L“: Robin Wilson

And, for the sake of spreading some more smiles across the Shoplet blog, I felt it was worth sharing the sweet haiku poem that Robin wrote to win the competition:

Shopping left to do
Have not even started yet
My gift, “I Love You”

We’re not done giving fabulous prizes away! Check in everyday for more chances to WIN big :)


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