Workout with A FREE Boise Water Bottle!


Spring is almost here and the “it’s too cold to run or exercise outside” excuse will soon not be an excuse anymore. Our giveaway this week is for a Boise Stainless Steel Water Bottle. We’ll be giving away SIX of these water bottles to assist you in getting back in shape!

Need paper for your printer? (I’m always running out!) Boise is a great brand to choose for color paper, copy paper, and really just about any paper you might be looking for. You can shop all their products here

Their most popular product (at least according to our customers) is the Boise X-9 Multi-purpose Paper. Click the image below for more details!

Layout 1

So you want to win your own water bottle from Boise? Here’s how:
1.Follow us on twitter (@shoplet)
2.Tell us your favorite aerobic activity! Example: I love running around the neighborhood in the morning! #boisepaper
3. Watch and wait to win! Winners to be announced March 1!

Update: Congratulations to our bottle winners! @jadenruby, @debralu, @TweetThisandWin, @ZiggyP, @marillionflower, @dkoakwood! Thanks to all who participated!

13 thoughts on “Workout with A FREE Boise Water Bottle!”

  1. doug campbell says:

    i like to take water with me when i go places

  2. Nancy A says:

    I love walking my dogs around the neighborhood. I always take water for both them and me. #boisepaper

  3. Tracy Coomes says:

    I love to walker 2 miles every day.

  4. Rohit Gandhi says:

    Looooooove my treadmill 45 minutes every morning while watching NEWS.

  5. Sharon Fried says:

    I love doing my DVD workout – walk away the pounds with Leslie Sansone and drinking water!

  6. Jaime Cadegan says:

    I love my pool workout!

  7. Roni B says:

    I love working out with P90X. It’s the most amazing workout. You really need to hydrate while you work out with this video.

  8. julie reuter says:

    Here’s my tweet:

    julie_reuter92 at yahoo dot com

  9. Nita Louise says:

    I keep all this snow shoveled off my walks! I get so thirsty I always keep a bottle of water outside with me when I am working.

  10. Karen FooFoo says:

    I run with my foster puppy and my dog at the park…they love each other. I always bring water bottles for them to drink from.

  11. Eileen Elkinson says:

    Watching The Biggest Loser drinking water from my Boise water bottle.

  12. Nellie Schultz says:

    I love chasing around my 16-month-old grandson and having little races with him. it’s a great workout

  13. Chris Taylor says:

    I love playing the Wii #boisepaper

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