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WOW meets Origami? Seriously.


I wish with all my heart I could say that I’ve played world of warcraft before. When I was in junior high, I played a little starcraft on the computer and I actually can’t even remember if that was what it was called. Anyways. I love that world of warcraft (aka WOW) has become a huge phenomenon. I think it’s hilarious. You can really tell something has hit home if people have started creating origami figures. Check these out:





[via Wow Paper Craft Blog ]

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14 Responses to WOW meets Origami? Seriously.

  1. kinah says:

    I have never been very crafty, but have always been fascinated by what some people can create with nothing but paper. Well, this world of warcraft origami is a wonderful art of paper folding. I’ll look for tutorials and will make my own Aion characters and creatures.

  2. Kevin says:

    Those are incredible. I never really played the game myself, but you can see the time and effort that were put into those pieces of art.

  3. kowal says:

    Ryuk is totally right, it’s papercraft not origami. origami is ONLY folding the paper, no gluing or cutting it, also origami is made from simple figures (mostly square). and those models are cleary made from smaller elements connected together in one bigger model. on the screen behind models on last photo you can see parts which are elements of the papercraft.