Yard Sale Stickers

Yard sale season is almost over and if you’re planning on having one this fall, you only have a few weekends left. I love yard sales because I love seeing what type of things people have actually purchased, used, and kept in their houses. One thing I dislike about buying stuff from yard sales is that they always stick the prices on the items with cheap stickers that don’t come off completely when you pull them off. I’ve had that happen so many times where I’ve had to pull out the Goo Gone or scrub forever with soap and water. (And that only works on items like mirrors, not on books)

That’s why I’m really liking these Avery Pricing Label Pads (ignore the fact that they are described as “Permanent” on the website. They actually say removable on the package) I tried sticking them to all sorts of surfaces – picture frames, books, sunglasses, necklaces, etc. Every time I pulled one off, there was no sticky junk left behind! You get 480 stickers in a pack for less than 5 bucks and your customers will love you for it!