You Can Pimp My Cuuube, Pimp My Cube!

Wanna Pimp Out your cube? Here are some funky ideas to turn your boring cubicle into your very own Pimpalicous Palace that will make you the hottest and most talked about stop on the way to the water cooler!

First: get some metallic paper or gift wrap to cover up these drab cube walls

Next: start collecting Pimp Office Accessories for your desk. And what’s the one thing a Pimp can’t live without? The bling-bling of course!

pimp cup

usb disco ball

disco ball

Of course you’ll need a chair fit for a Pimp!

pimp chair 2

pimp chair 1

Won’t You Take Me to…Funkytown!
Get the Pimp My Cubicle Kit, complete with a dollar-sign paperweight, gold push-pins, leopard print fringe to run around the edge of your cubicle, a disco ball, and a “Bling” mousepad

pimp my cube kit

And Voila! You are officially Pimpalicious! Check out these other creative ideas to Pimp Out your cube!

Fit for  a King or a Queen

pimp castle

You can substitute aluminum foil for the metallic wrapping paper for a more robotic look. Ice, ice, baby! Throw in some gold confetti for an extra touch!

aluminum cubicle pimped

Or you can always Pimp Out the office supplies you already have yourself using one those Bedazzler do-hickeys from the late night TV commercials…bedazzle your laptop, your phone, folders, chair, heck even your teeth with faux diamonds and rubies. Groovy, Baby!

bling laptop

bedazzled laptop

mouse pimped

pimp cup 3

diamond tooth

diamond grill 1

diamond grill 2

Have Fun!


pimp 2

  • The laptop and mouse pimp was cool but with the teeth?? God, I guess, it’s okay to have just one, but with most of your teeth covered with diamond stuff, it doesn’t look good.. lol…

  • WOW! I like this I want a USB pimp lighter :)