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As we all know (or really should know by now) Mother’s Day is this Sunday. THIS SUNDAY. Did you buy your gift yet?
I’m not sure who your mom is but if she’s anything like my mom, she loves new technology. Women over 40 is the largest growing group on facebook! They email, they text, they blog, they love their digital camera, and they even know what Twitter is. The best day in your Mom’s life is when you tell her about some new thing or show her something and she already knows about it! She can tell you about an article she read or how she’s discussed with her friends.
For this Mother’s day, give her something that none of her friends/family have. Something she can look up, read about, and tell her friends all about. Check these out:

The Fit Bit


What it is:
This nifty little gadget tracks all the calories burned in your life. What you burn while you sleep, walk, eat, breathe.
Why your mom wants it: Because every mom is always concerned with living a healthy lifestyle and looking nice.
What she will tell her friends: This cute little thing goes with me everywhere! My son, you know Brian, he gave it to me for Mother’s Day! Waterproof MP3 Music Player
Featured Here
What it is: 6 hours of playtime with 1 GB of memory, you could swim until your arms fell off.
Why your mom wants it: Swimming is SO the new thing. It doesn’t hurt your joints and it works the entire body.
What she will tell her friends: My daughter got me the blue one because she knows I love blue. Can you believe this little thing can hold all of my music? Sigh, technology these days.
The Pink Pharos GPS
Pharos GPS
What it is: Let’s be honest it’s just a GPS with a pink cover. (The screen is very nice though)
Why your mom wants it: She’s sick of traditional maps, she never quite got the hang of mapquest or google maps, just get her this for her car. Especially if she lives in a big city, this will make her want to drive, not take a taxi all the time.
What she will tell her friends: This little thing is my best friend! I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without my Pharos.
“COMBmando”(The KNIFE comb)
[via Design Boom]
What it is: Obivously a comb + knife. But what a killer name! COMBmando? Love it.

Why your mom wants it: Every mom has a comb in her purse to keep those bangs looking nice. Why not protect her too? Police at crime scenes love combs for evidence. She’ll get lots of evidence with this thing.
What she will tell her friends: My son is always trying to make sure I’m safe. This thing is so sharp! I keep it inside of my sunglasses case so that I don’t accidentally cut myself.

The Hot and Cold Faucet
[via ThinkGeek]

What it is: Light changes depending on the temperature of the water.
Why your mom wants it: If the water in your kitchen (or bathroom) always takes forever to get cold or hot, you can do other things!
Why your mom might be offended: I dont’ know if moms always appreciate getting something that implies they are always in the kitchen.
What she will tell her friends: Our water takes forever to change temperature! Now I can be all the over at the stove and know when the water is ready. What will they think of next!

The Takeout Menu Organizer
New Menu Organizer
Buy at Perpetual Kid
What it is: Organize all the take out menus from your favorite restaurants. Plus, the most important part, is the what do you want sheet.
Why your mom wants it: Because she sick of asking everyone what they want, just hand her the sheet! Oh and knowing about all the cool restaurants in the area is soo in.
What she will tell her friends: (Next time they are going out to lunch or dinner) Oh I have this nifty organizer that my daughter gave me where I keep all the menus from the restaurants we go to all the time. It makes things soo easy. Oh! Let me go grab it and we can look through it.
Soooo your cheap/your mom doesn’t fit any of those tricky gifts. Publish her face on a magazine!
You get to personalize the headline, subheadings, etc etc. What a treat for her to show her friends and leave out on the coffee table. It might be so humorous that it will be carted around to neighbors’ and friends’ houses for their enjoyment too.

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Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! In case your mom loves her home office for that home business, we’ve got lots of nice office supplies at

5 thoughts on “Your Mom w/ The Latest & Greatest”

  1. Jen says:

    Nice ideas but always in season to accessorize!

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  4. awesome says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! :D mwuahz

  5. Office Supplies says:

    These are some really cool gift for mother’s day. Hehe, I like the fitbit, tells you the amount of exercise you need to burn a certain calories.

  6. Wedding Reception Centerpieces says:

    Wow what great tiny products amazing! Never saw such ones before.

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