Your Pen Was Once a Water Bottle

That’s what you could tell everyone if you had the Pilot B2P BeGreen Gel Rolling Ball Pen. It’s made out of water bottles and looks like water bottles! I have seen these pens around the internet for awhile now (I first wrote about them in January here) but I have never been able to hold one in my hand until now.

I was pretty skeptical because supplies that are fun-looking are usually not fun to use. I figured that a water bottle shaped pen would not be too comfortable to hold and wouldn’t write very well. Turns out, they feel similar to a normal pen (just a little fatter) and they write just like the Pilot G2s! And it just makes me feel happy to know that all of those water bottles I’ve recycled have been turned into something awesome.

Today I had the privilege of passing one to someone who loves office supplies! We went to the Cambridge parking office to get our parking sticker (long story..) and my husband used my water bottle pen to fill out the form. He handed it back to the lady and she said “oh that’s not mine.” But then I realized, hey I have a ton of these at home so I told her she could have it. She was so excited! She told me all about how she loves different office supplies (like retractable sharpies) and she was very excited about this brand new pen. This got me to thinking – why don’t I hand out more office supplies to people I meet? So I’m going to do that. If you ever recognize my face in Boston, I will see if I can hook you up with some sort of cool office item I have in my purse.

Have you tried the Pilot B2P BeGreen Pen? What do you think?

  • Deborah Williams

    I get comments about this pen! I like being different and this pen realy stands out at my workplace.

  • I’ve not had the chance to try one of these new Pilot Pens, but would love to as I love to recycle so this pen is right up my alley as I love unique and different office supplies too. Too bad I don’t live closer to Boston.