Office Bookcase to better your Workspace

I think that books are always one of the easiest way to embellish your living/work environment. While there are simple and effective bookcases options such as barrister bookshelves to aggregate and display your own personal collection of books, I would favor more eccentric bookcases. Here is a list of my favorite ones.

Platzhalter Bookshelf Splits To Store Extra Books


The Platzhalter bookshelf unique designer can  help you accommodate your always expanding collection by splitting into a “V” shape.

When the bookshelf does finally reach critical mass, the result is actually quite interesting. Unfortunately, the design is only a concept at this point—but it has a lot of potential.

[via Gizmodo]

Infinity Bookcase Stores Finite Amount of Books, Is Infinitely Cool Anyway


Created by Dutch artist Job Koelewijn, The infinity bookshelves symbolizes the power of learning, or the infinitenature of knowledge through its lemniscate  shape. While it may not fit in your average office, it would be an great piece to have in the publishing firm.

[Via Neatorama]

 Expandable Bookshelf


The REK bookshelves features an ingenious design that is both visually interesting and practical for those who accumulate a lot of books.

The REK expands and collapses like an accordion to eliminate negative space on the shelf. As you book collection grows, the shelves can be pulled apart in a configuration of your choosing.

[via Dezeen]

Invisible Bookshelf


Saving in space and a minimum of emcombrement on your wall for this very astute rack which will enable you to arrange your books without seeing the structure of the rack!

The “invisible bookshelf” is completely obscured by the books you put on it, creating the illusion of floating piles of books mysteriously affixed to your walls.
Topple Bookshelf


Out of all the furniture we’d safely add the feature of “rocking” to, a bookshelf would be down near the bottom of the list next to ovens, refrigerators and ironing boards.

Julian Appelius has the opposite idea, adding a five-degree tilt to the bottom of this Topple bookshelf, which supposedly still keeps books upright as long as you have enough of them to fill a row. Still, the looming threat of being crushed by old copies of National Geographics and Playboys puts us on edge.

[via core77]