Big News! Say Goodbye to this Crayon Color from Crayola!

Crayola, possibly the most iconic children’s brands for art supplies, has just announced some very shocking news! The brand manufactures a variety of products from coloring books, color pencils, and markers, to chalk, modeling clay, and lots more on a daily basis. But the pioneer product that put them on the map was, you guessed it, crayons! The first standard 8-count crayon pack was designed and sold in 1903… over 100 years ago! In honor of today’s National Crayon Day, they will be retiring one color from their best-selling 24-count Crayon box. Flooding social media with ambiguous tweets, puzzling videos, an exclusive hashtag (#WhosLeaving), and a grand event for the past week, Crayola has been truly keeping us on our toes, pondering which color is going to be removed from their collection.

Before we jump into the big news, here’s a little century old #FlashbackFriday! Meet Crayola’s original 8-count crayon pack in 1903.

Vintage CrayonsAnd after much anticipation, the answer was revealed live today on Crayola’s Facebook page. We’re saying goodbye to…

(Drumroll, please)

Dandelion Yellow!

crayola crayonsCrayola says Dandelion Yellow will be moving into the “Crayola Hall of Fame” for its dedication to inspiration and creativity. So there you have it. Their announcement this morning also revealed hints of a new color coming into the Blue family in May! Their plans– to invite fans to name this new color.  We’re definitely looking forward to more from Crayola!

Let us know what your thoughts are. Are you happy or sad that Dandy is no longer a part of the team?

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