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Colourful Envelopes that GRAB Your Attention

Postage marketing campaigns aren’t dead &, if they are done right, are certainly more effective than most spammy digital marketing campaigns.

Nowadays, however, sending out letters in the post seems old and outdated. And who’s to say that whatever it is your sending to your friends or clients won’t get tossed away in the trash, alongside the rest of their junk mail?? Blake envelopes are your solution. They’re bright, colourful and you can literally FEEL the difference.

Learn about how the right envelope can make all the difference.

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3 Ways to Green your Promotional Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are notorious for their bottomless consumption of paper materials- reason being that ideas are most quantifiably communicated through printed flyers. However, once a flyer is distributed to a passerby, within moments, it’s often tossed in the trash or just dropped on the floor….but it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are some approaches that your business can take when executing your next promotion.

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Master Caster Giveaway Winners!

Announcing the 6 lucky winners of last week’s Master Caster Giveaway & wishing you all a very happy Monday!

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Weather + Team Morale: An Interview with Brand Ambassador Sonia Nizny

Learn about how bad weather can not only affect the morale of your brand ambassadors, but also the public perception of your brand! Professional brand ambassador Sonia Nizny dishes on the do’s and don’ts of an effective guerrilla marketing campaign….