The Planking Stapler has Moved!

We’ve moved to help save time and space and to get you more Planking Red Stapler photos quicker! Our Planking Red Stapler’s head was getting a little big and demanded more spotlight. We here at were more than willing to oblige–he threatened us, help! He’s crazy! I give you, the Planking Red Stapler’s new home. Shoplet-Planking-Red-Stapler-BananasShoplet-Planking-Stapler-Safety-Cone


Shoplet Planking Red Stapler Broadway Address

Shoplet Planking Red Stapler BuckyBalls

Shoplet Planking Red Stapler Rubberband

Shoplet Planking Red Stapler Bus Stop

Shoplet Planking Red Stapler Keurig

Shoplet Planking Red Stapler Fire HydrantShoplet Planking Red Stapler Sharpie MagnumShoplet Planking Red Stapler Turkey JerkyShoplet Planking Red Stapler WebsiteShoplet Planking Red StaplerShoplet Planking Red StaplerTofuShoplet Planking Stapler EraserShoplet Planking Stapler Fire AlarmShoplet Red Stapler Planking MTA TurnstileShoplet Planking Red Stapler Memo


3 thoughts on “The Planking Stapler has Moved!”

  1. Dora says:

    Going bananas planking the red stapler.

  2. Dora says:

    Wow you were busy… lots of great places to plank the red stapler!

  3. Belva Sheport says:

    I love planking! I want to plank with the red stapler!

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