Office Poll: Who do you tell first?

I love reading through the tweets that mention ‘office supplies’ on twitter everyday. I’m always so curious about the background behind these 140 character stories. How quickly do they tweet after something happens? Are they really that mad/happy? Do they have access to social networking on their work computers or do they write about it when they get home?

I want you to look at these three situations (BEFORE answering the poll) and think about who you would tell first if these things happened.

1 – Your boss comes to your cubicle and quietly says you need to cut down your use of bic pens. (You never use bic pens)
2 – The quiet, reserved office secretary gets upset with the copier and hits it really hard, breaking off a piece of it.
3 – Your boss is wearing a sweater vest inside out.

When something good/bad/frustrating/exciting happens at work, who do you tell first?

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If we are missing an answer or you have something to add, tell us in the comments below! I think my initial reaction when something crazy happens is to a) tell whoever I’m talking to on g chat or b) text my husband or tell him if he’s home.