6 Degrees From YouTube


Here in NYC, the home of Shoplet and Shoplet Promos, it takes a whole lot of effort for an advertisement to get attention. New Yorkers are bombarded with so many media advertisements, commercials, billboards, guerilla campaigns and other promotions every day that we’ve simply become immune. Branding is everywhere and everyone is competing for your attention. As an advertiser, it’s not easy to be heard in a city like New York, but online video service YouTube has managed to break through the clutter. With advertisements like these, it’s not difficult to see they’re all just 6 degrees from YouTube.

YouTube, which is owned by the all knowing and all seeing Google, has launched an equally all knowing and especially all seeing marketing campaign. The first phase of the campaign features 3 of YouTube’s most followed content creators; beauty guru Michelle Phan, fashionista Bethany Mota, and baking extraordinaire Rosanna Pansino. Ad placements have sprung up on the internet, television, magazines, and especially outdoor media. The heaviest push has been in their outdoor media campaign in commuter cities such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco. YouTube has placed its campaign ads on billboards, buses, trains, taxis and just about everywhere else with an inch of white space. The scale of their outdoor ad presence is quite impressive, but then again, it’s Google we’re talking about here.

Aside from the traditional marketing push, YouTube has also implemented live and special event promotional marketing strategies. To mark the launch of the new campaign, YouTube held a fan meet up event in NYC where subscribers had the chance to interact with some of their most popular content providers. Of course this included Phan, Mota and Pansino.


Pansino, Phan and Mota at the YouTube “Unleashed” event in NYC.

When it comes to video hosting and sharing, everyone knows YouTube is king of the world. So why do they even bother campaigning? Tim Peterson of Ad Age magazine says, “The campaign aims to support the sales pitch YouTube will make to marketers later this month at its Brandcast event, part of the annual Digital Content NewFronts that online video companies host to secure ad-spend commitments from media buyers.” YouTube plans to bundle it’s top performing content creators in order to sell advanced premium ad placement commitments to potential advertisers. It has been reported that the rates for these placements are closely aligned with that of TV ad rates. Translation: pricey. Basically, YouTube has tailored this campaign to be advertisement for advertisers.

So, how many times a day does the average commuter encounter a YouTube ad? Shoplet Promos decided to conduct a fun and informal impressions study. For the next 3 days, we will be documenting our encounters with this campaign to see just how much YouTube has penetrated into the fabric of NYC.

Day 1

While cruising down 34th street, we saw taxi banners along with this massive interactive billboard showcasing all 3 YouTube divas. This billboard was so bright that there was no way anyone could miss it.


Day 2

Catching the subway on 14th street/ Union Square, we encountered rows and rows of subway ads along with these in car banners and posters.


Day 3

While running errands we saw the usual billboards and subway banners, but the most impressive was definitely this wrapped subway car. This L train was practically dipped in YouTube branding.  Pretty cool!



YouTube ads were virtually everywhere, but  we were also curious as to how this campaign has affected the stars of its ads. This campaign was roughly 1 month long and the increase in subscribers has been substantial. Between all 3 creators YouTube has gained an additional 1.6 million subscribers.

YT numbers

So how can YouTube help your business reach new heights? If used properly, video sharing can be a great new way to talk to your consumers about your business, sell new product or even provide tutorials on how to use a product. Video sharing is just another form of social media that most companies should consider adding to their overall social media campaigns. Consumers are increasingly becoming more visual and creating original and compelling video content for your business can be a great tool for reaching new customers.

Have you seen any YouTube ads in your area? Tell us about it and comment below.