Best Superbowl Ads


We think we can all agree that part of the Super Bowl experience is definitely the commercials. This year, advertisers pulled out all of the stops, but there were definitely some common themes throughout this year’s line up. Pretty people, puppies, celebrities, and social messages. What were the best Superbowl ads this year? We’ve rounded up some of the most talked about commercials. Let’s take a look:

The Social Commercial

Commercials with a cause or a message always resonate with viewers. Super Bowl advertisers know this better than anyone. More than ever before, companies delivered their Cause/ Experiential campaigns to viewers in droves. The tough part is trying to break through the clutter. Here are some of ads that stood out.

Bud Light: #Upforwhatever Campaign

This ad plays well into our desire for the unexpected and random adventure. Bug Light perfectly executes just that. We can bet that every single person who watched this thought ” I wanna play too!” This ad is accompanied by a large scale social sharing campaign associated with the hashtag. Experiential components includes pop up events , concerts and yes, crazy Pac Man games. It’s a brilliant social media, mobile marketing and experiential marketing hybrid! Check out the campaign here.

Dove Men+ Care: #RealStrength

This beautiful ad from Dove celebrates fathers and their children. The message was simple; Care makes a man stronger. Dove launched a social campaign surrounding the #RealStrength where men can share their stories on what makes them strong. The goal is to empower men (as well as women in some of their other campaigns) to be who they are sincerely are and to break free of main stream male stereotypes. Check out the Dove Campaign here.

Mc Donalds: “Pay With Lovin’.” Campaign

This new experiential marketing event from McDonalds comes to life on this super lovable ad. Beginning Feb 2nd- Feb 14th, McDonalds will randomly select customers to pay for their meal with … well… Lovin! This ad brings the viewer into the experience with the possibility of being able to participate in their local McDonalds. It’s a great way to entice customers to return again and again.

Always: #LikeaGirl Campaign

This campaign isn’t a new one for the brand Always. But it seemed as though the Superbowl was the perfect venue to address the issue of how women are viewed in society. The #LikeaGirl campaign seeks to redefine what it is to be a woman. This amazing campaign tackles a myriad of women’s issues and makes bold, heartfelt statements to challenge conventional thinking and perceptions. Check out the campaign here.

Pop Culture

America loves TV and celebrities, and seeing them in Super Bowl commercials never gets old. Especially when the commercial mirrors public perception and reality in some way. This section showcases some seriously funny uses of celebrity in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

TMobile: #KimsDataStash

TMobile commissioned the help of Kim Kardashian to star in their Help Save the Data Commercial. This old school, charity style parody convinced us as to why we should rescue all of our unused data. So we would be able to look at pictures of Kim Kardashian on the internet of course! Whether you are a fan of the starlet or not, you have to admit, this one was pretty funny.

Another from TMobile, this ad starring  Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler pretty much summed up their long time rivalry in a pretty funny way. Of course with celebrities, there is never a shortage of controversy.  In this ad, Silverman make a passing comment about the birth of a newborn to a young couple stating “Sorry, it’s a boy.” The passing comment riled up activists and rights groups everywhere citing reverse sexism. This controversy was probably the main reason why the commercial is so talked about. What do you guys think?

E-surance: Say My Name

If you went to your local pharmacy to pick up a prescription and saw Walter White from Breaking Bad behind the counter in a full hazmat outfit, you might wanna high tail it outta there. Sometimes fictional characters are more famous than the real life actor. E-surance knew the Walter White character was immediately recognizable. We have to say that it did make for a pretty hilarious real world interaction!


Storytelling will never go away and narrative Super Bowl commercials are no exception. Everyone loves a good story, even if it’s only a 45 second one. These brands brilliantly captured our attention, mental real estate and our hearts with these ads. is the first-ever Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence. The deeply harrowing conversation between a woman and a 911 operator reminds us just how fragile the line of communication can be when a person is in distress. The narrative was brought to life with simple imagery of a scuffle in the home, making the encounter feel all the more real. Perfect delivery!

Jeep: This Land

As a green company we always have a soft spot in our hearts for other companies who are also on a mission to improve lives and the environment. This Jeep commercial is part narrative and part social responsibility. This awesome remake of This Land is Your Land moves the viewer along the road to all things that make America beautiful. The closing brings it all together with a message,  “The world is a gift. Play responsibly.” This is followed by their cause marketing campaign for which provides access to safe water and info on the growing water crisis. This commercial is one of our favorites.

Budweiser: Lost dog Commercial

If you want people to watch your commercial from beginning to end, you don’t need a scantily clad supermodel or a shirtless pool boy. Just bring on the puppies! This utterly adorable narrative chronicles the journey of a lost pup as he finds his way back home. Budweiser believes that it’s the little achievements that should be celebrated. We agree!

So, which commercial was your favorite? Leave us a comment with your thoughts! We’d love to hear.