Branding the Bat: How One Company Mastered Viral Promotion

The Dark Knight publicists took viral promotion to an entirely new level. Their approach? They created an alternative reality, emerging everyone in the movie world. Creating signs for Gotham City cab companies, TV stations, subways, and even going as far as scattering bat graffiti in over 300 locations worldwide set a brilliant example of successful guerrilla marketing.




But why was this so successful? It’s simple; the campaign ENGAGED the customers in a sophisticated way that had never been done before. Through cross media convergence, Warner Bros. was able to create a campaign that had the ability to self-propel its promotions. The publicists blurred the lines of reality, making customers feel like they were part of the product and not being bombarded by it.


There are endless ways of attracting customers to your company. The key is to understand what your product is and who you want to attract.

There is no question that promotion is one of the most important tools a company can use. From startups to well established companies, every company wants to grow. Even for the masters, creating a brand image that rises above the rest can be difficult (though, not impossible)! With the power of¬†promotional gifts, email marketing, mobile advertising, and social media, a company can establish a massive market presence. And while you’re getting your feet wet, Shoplet Promos has all of the physical branding materials your business desires. We’re here to help and learn: ¬†Do you have any examples of how you or your company has been able to engage customers? Let us know in the comments below!