Earth Day Ideas and Gear

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Earth Day is right around the corner and there are tons of fun things that you and your team can do to get in the planting spirit. If you are a company looking for ideas on how you can contribute to greening your community, here are some activities that you and your company can get involved in.

Team tree planting event.

Gather your team and get ready to get dirty! In many areas, there are tree planting events already scheduled for Earth day so all you’d have to do is join in on the fun. If your area doesn’t have an event like this, call your local Parks and Recreation department to see if you can partner and donate time to plant trees. These kinds of events are great for kids too, so making this a family day is a great idea. Theses kinds of events are great no matter what area of the country you live in.


Area clean up effort/ City farming efforts

If you live in a city, another great idea is to team up and clean up your neighborhood by helping to pick up trash and revive abandoned plots that can be turned into an inner city oasis. You will be surprise what a little TLC can do to improve the appearance of a neighborhood. You can also work with a neighborhood to start your very own inner city garden or farm. These mini gardens are not only fun projects to tackle but also provide a welcome refuge in a concrete jungle. Who doesn’t appreciate that! Just make sure all of your plans are approved by your local city authorities first!


Beach/ lake clean up

If you live in an area with access to a beach or lake, this can be a great opportunity to get outdoors, have some fun and make a difference. There are lots of organizations who gather for beach clean up’s; especially around earth day so finding an event to participate in should be pretty easy. By removing debris from ocean waters, you are saving local wildlife from it’s dangers. The number 1 environmental issue we face globally is water pollution so this is a great idea if the resources are available to you.


Gear for your environmental heroes.

Even your apparel can be eco friendly. So, arm your team with what they will need to get in the spirit and still be eco conscious. All of these items are made of post consumer and recycled material. Proof that those old water bottles could turn into something beautiful in the next life!


Although earth day is celebrated in the spring, here at Shoplet we believe it should be celebrated all year long. Always encourage your staff to recycle, use less and provide the resources for them to do so around the office. Let’s all make a difference and live greener!